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Yu. A. Bilibin
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 13 November 2010 11:28

Yu. A. BilibinBilibin, Yuri Aleksandrovich (1901-1952), was a Soviet geologist, Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1946).
In 1926, Yu.A. Bilibin graduated from the Mining Institute in Leningrad. In 1926-1934, he worked for the Aldanzoloto Trust, the Central Geology and Survey Research Institute, and for the State Dal’story Trust, researching gold deposits in the north-east of the country. Since 1934, he worked for the All-Union Geological Institute (VSEGEI), where he headed the Metallogeny Sector since 1947. Since 1950, he chaired the Department of Mineral Resources at the School of Geology of the State University in Leningrad.
Yu.A. Bilibin’s major works expose regulations in mineral deposit distribution in the earth crust and determine associations between certain types of deposits and basic stages in the development of mobile belts, characterized by specific manifestations of intrusive magmatism. He also laid the foundations of the theory of gold placer formation.
In 1946, Yu.A. Bilibin was awarded the USSR State Prize for discovering the gold-bearing territories in the North-East of the USSR. His name was given to such minerals as bilibinite (water silicate of uranium and thorium) and bilibinskite (complex telluride of gold, copper, and lead) and to the settlement of Bilibino in Chukotka.