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Organizing Committee
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Friday, 03 September 2010 09:49


Dudov, Nikolay N.
, Cand. Sci. (Economics), Governor of Magadan Oblast, Magadan, Russia.
Khanchuk, Aleksandr I., Academician (Member of RAS), First Deputy Chair, Far-East Branch of Russian Academy of Science (FEB RAS), Vladivostok, Russia
Pruss, Yury V., Cand. Sci. (Geology & Mineralogy), Chair, Magadan Branch of Russian Geological Society (ROSGEO), Magadan, Russia.

Vice Chairs:

Karpenko, Nikolay B., Cand. Sci. (Economics), First Deputy Governor of Magadan Oblast, Magadan, Russia.
Goryachev, Nikolay A., Corresponding Member of RAS, Professor; Director, Northeastern Interdisciplinary Research Institute, Far East Branch,  Russian Academy of Sciences (NEISRI FEB RAS), Regional Vice President of the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) in Northern Eurasia, Magadan, Russia.

Forum Secretary
Al’shevsky, Aleksandr V., Cand. Sci. (Geology & Mineralogy), NEISRI FEB RAS, Magadan, Russia

Forum Coordinator
Goryacheva, Yelena M.
, NEISRI FEB RAS, Magadan, Russia

Organizing Committee Members:

Alekseyenko, A.A., Director General, Magadangeologia Co., Magadan, Russia
Borisenko, A.S., Dr. Sci. (Geology & Mineralogy), IGM SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
Bortnikov, N. S., Academician (Member of RAS); Director, IGEM RAS, Moscow, Russia
Bundtzen, T. K., President, Pacific Rim Geological Consulting, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
Volkov, A.V., Dr. Sci. (Geology & Mineralogy), IGEM RAS, Moscow, Russia
Gamyanin, G.N., Dr. Sci. (Geology & Mineralogy), Professor, IGEM RAS, Moscow, Russia
Golden, H., Regional Director of Exploration - Russia, Kinross Gold Corporation, Canada
Goldfarb, R.J., Ph.D., US Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California, USA
Zhmodik, S.M., Dr. Sci. (Geology & Mineralogy), IGM SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
Carlson, G., Ph. D., P.Eng., Consultant, Grosso Group Management, British Columbia, Canada
Karchavets, V.P., ROSGEO Magadan Branch, Magadan, Russia
Kirwin D., PhD, Ivanhoe Mines Company, SEG Regional Vice-President, Thailand.
Koroteyev, V.A., Academician (Member of RAS), Director, IGG, UrB RAS, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Kuzmin, M.I., Academician (Member of RAS), Director, IGCh SB RAS, Irkutsk, Russia
Miller, L., Ph.D., Vice President, Resources, NANA Regional Corp., Alaska, USA
Moiseyenko, V.G., Academician (Member of RAS), IGNM FEB RAS, Blagoveshchensk, Russia
Palymsky, B.F., Dr. Sci. (Geology & Mineralogy), NEISRI FEB RAS, Magadan, Russia
Pechyony, V.P., Mayor, Magadan, Russia
Prokazin, V.N., Chair, Department of Mineral Resources, Magadan Oblast Administration, Magadan, Russia
Radchenko, Yu.I., General Director, Dukatgeologia Co., Magadan, Russia
Rasskazov, I.Yu., Dr. of Sci. (Engineering), Director, IGD FEB RAS, Khabarovsk, Russia
Safonov, Yu.G., Corresponding Member of RAS, IGEM RAS, Moscow, Russia
Sidorov, A.A., Corresponding Member of RAS, IGEM RAS, Moscow, Russia
Smelov, A.P., Dr. Sci. (Geology & Mineralogy), Professor, Director, IGABM SB RAS, Yakutsk, Russia
Sokolov, V.L., Director General, Matrosova Mine Co., Magadan, Russia
Sorokin, A.P., Corresponding Member of RAS, Chair, Amur Scientific Center FEB RAS, Blagoveshchensk, Russia
Spiridonov, A.M., Dr. Sci. (Geology & Mineralogy), IGCh SB RAS, Irkutsk, Russia
Hart, C., Ph.D., Director, Dept. of Earth & Ocean Sciences, Univ. of British Columbia, Canada
Chanturia, V.A., Academician (Member of RAS), Director, RAS Institute of Complex Resource Development Problems, Moscow, Russia
Cherkasov, S.V., Cand. Sci. (Geology & Mineralogy), General Secretary, IAGOD, Moscow, Russia
Shirokov, A.I., Dr. Sci. (History), Rector, North-East State University, Magadan, Russia
Yakubchuk, A., Cand. Sci. (Geology & Mineralogy), Regional manager ORSU Group, London, England

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