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“Gold of the North Pacific Rim” 2008
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Friday, 17 September 2010 08:05
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“Gold of the North Pacific Rim” 2008
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The International Geology and Mining Forum “Gold of the North Pacific Rim” was arranged by the Administration of Magadan Oblast, Magadan Branch of the Russian Geological Society, and the Northeastern Interdisciplinary Research Institute of the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, supported by the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Grant # 07-III-G-08-083), the Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research (Grant # 08-05-06092G), and sponsors, on September 10-12, 2008. Several international organizations, including the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG), the International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits (IAGOD), and the Centre for Russian & Central EurAsian Mineral Studies (CERCAMS).

Forum Sponsors:

The Forum received the informational support from:

The Organizing Committee was headed by:

The Chair of HonorAcademician Nikolay A. Shilo


Dudov, Nikolay N., Governor of Magadan Oblast;
Khanchuk, Alexander I., Academician, President of IAGOD, First Vice Chair of FEB RAS, Vladivostok, Russia;
Pruss, Yuri V., Cand. Sci. (Geology & Mineralogy), Chair of RosGeo Magadan Division, Magadan.

Vice Chairs:

Karpenko, Nikolay B., Assistant Professor, First Vice Governor of Magadan Oblast;
Goryachev, Nikolay A., Corresponding Member of RAS, Professor, Director of NEISRI FEB RAS, Magadan, Russia;
Academic Secretary – Plyashkevich, Anna A., Cand. Sci. (Geology & Mineralogy), NEISRI FEB RAS, Magadan, Russia.

The Forum agenda included two blocks: All-Kolyma Geology & Mining Conference and the trade show “Problems of the Gold Industry: Geology & Mining Production.”
Topics discussed at the All-Kolyma Geology & Mining Conference embraced a wild range of problems associated with gold metallogeny and mining:

  • Gold metallogeny;
  • Geology of epithermal gold deposits;
  • Mesothermal gold deposits;
  • Gold mineralogy;
  • Problems of prospecting and evaluating gold deposits;
  • Gold placers: problems of geology and mining;
  • Problems of gold deposit exploration;
  • Ecological issues.

TitleBy the beginning of the Conference, the collection of abstracts was published (Gold of the North Pacific Rim. International Geology & Mining Forum. Abstracts of the All-Kolyma Geology & Mining Conference Dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of the First Kolyma Expedition Lead by Yu.A. Bilibin (Magadan, September 10-14). – Magadan: NEISRI FEB RQS, 2008. – 316 p. + 8 printed sheets of color insets,) as well as Field Trip Guides.
At the All-Kolyma Geology & Mining Conference, topical problems of the gold mineral base in Russia, gold metallogeny in the North Pacific Rim, geology and mineralogy of gold deposits of various types, their genesis, prospecting and evaluating problems as well as issues of geology and exploration of gold placers, gold deposit exploration in general, and ecologic problems arousing in gold mining in the north were discussed. The total of 180 reports, including 121 plenary and section and 59 poster presentations, were presented at the Conference. 253 persons from Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Obninsk, Petrozavodsk, Syktyvkar, Serov, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Yakutsk, Blagoveshchensk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Magadan, Susuman, and districts of Magadan Oblast), Canada, the US, Australia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgystan.

Conference - GalleryA Round-table Discussion was conducted, which included reports and discussing the problems of gold placer works, the present and the future of geological prospecting and survey in the new millennium , and optimization of geology and mining considering peculiarities of gold deposits in Magadan Oblast. Mr. Seldon Mart of MineMap Co., Perth, Australia, facilitated a seminar on the software for planning and designing mining and environmental protection for your geologists. On the final day of the Conference, a Plenary Meeting was arranged, where the Conference Resolution was discussed and adopted in general. Also, at the Plenary, section chairs accounted on the work results, including poster presentations surveys, and representatives of the Forum sponsors made their speeches.

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